What is an EightStar™ Diamond


A DIAMOND as uniquely beautiful as the EightStar™ comes to life through a special combination of artistry, technology, and time.  The EightStar™ requires commitment to an unprecedented level of quality.  EightStar™ cutters work to the most exacting standards.  And EightStar™ standards are the highest in the diamond industry.

Perfect Light Every Time


Look into the EightStar™ pattern and you see the culmination of the quest to create a diamond with perfect light.  This quest brought with it knowledge of the most precise methods for diamond cutting.  It also brought the understanding that each diamond is unique and demands its own special attention.

The EightStar™ Diamond Company is committed to cutting diamonds in this way.  The EightStar™ cutters are perfectionists, adhering to meticulous standards.  This means they can only cut a limited number of diamonds in a year.  There isn't time for any more.  The EightStar™, by its nature, is an exclusive gemstone.


Cutting the facets of this diamond to create the EightStar™ pattern is a process of unprecedented detail.  This pattern serves as a quality control mark for the consumer and a seal of the cutter's success.  It should not be taken lightly: it represents a full realization of the diamond's inherent potential for beauty.

The Cutter As Sculptor


To produce a high-performance diamond, a cutter must create a symbiosis between the facets of the crown and the pavilion.  Synchronizing the passage of light in this way takes great skill, dedication, and heart.


Of those cutters who qualify to learn how to cut the EightStar™, less than half complete the training.  Of those who finish the training, less than half again last at the job.


Cutting a diamond this demanding is as much a calling as a craft. EightStar ™ cutters are trained to think like sculptors and to approach their work as both a discipline and an art.  This is a complex education and, for an experienced cutter, can take a full year.


A year - especially for an experienced craftsperson - is an expensive apprenticeship in the diamond industry.  Most cutters of commercial-quality diamonds can be trained in weeks.  Some who produce finer diamonds may take months to learn their craft. But mastering the EightStar™ cut means committing to a life's work.

Understanding Nature


EightStar™ cutters must learn many intricacies in their training, and they must start with the most crucial; developing a feel for the diamond.


Like wood, diamond has a grain, or arrangement of crystals, that allows working in only one direction.  The cutter must first learn to go with the grain.  This alone takes three months, as the cutter begins to understand the physical nuances of the stone.  And this has important ramifications later on.


The cutter's goal is to produce that perfect eight-rayed pattern in the finished diamond.  But there is a paradox to this process; while each diamond must display the same pattern, it cannot be simply stamped out.


Diamonds are created by nature and no two are alike.  Each stone must be cut according to its own unique elements, with the unique challenges it presents.  Only by paying close attention to a diamond's individual properties does the cutter see how to exactly place the facets in the stone.

The EightStar™ Process


The cutting process is intense, but an EightStar™ Diamond cannot be produced by an automated or computerized system - or by adhering to any rigid formula for external appearance.  The secret of the EightStar™ is that each cutter learns to let the diamond dictate its own path to perfect light return.


Learning to find the internal path in each stone is what the cutter's long training is all about.  Simply cutting to standardized measurements doesn’t work to produce a high-performance diamond.

This means that cutting the stone will demand exceptional time and patience.  On average, each EightStar™ Diamond will take 32 hours.  During these hours, the cutter will consult the Symmetriscope ™ hundreds of times to ensure that the facets are placed perfectly.


This is why the EightStar™ is so exclusive.  Only a limited number can be produced each year.

This is very different than other diamond companies.  Eight hours per stone is considered generous in most cutting factories, even those producing well-cut diamonds. And that means many more diamonds with much less light return.

The EightStar™ Points


True beauty may ultimately be indefinable, but the qualities that make a diamond beautiful can be defined.  Here are the significant features that make the EightStar™ unique and exquisite:


    1. Maximum brilliance

    2. Maximum fire.

    3. Perfect Optical Brillance

    4. Perfect Optical Symmetry

    5. Edge-to-edge brilliance

    6. Widest possible diameter

    7. Contrast brilliance

    8. Perfect and distinct star pattern


 The 8 star pattern proves that this diamond is of the highest craftsmanship in the diamond-cutting world.



Your Assurance


When you purchase an EightStar™, you also purchase the EightStar™ Diamond Company's guarantee that your diamond has been cut to exacting standards - and is capable of maximum brilliance and fire.

The documentation of your diamond is also multi-faceted. It includes:


   • The registration number of your diamond, laser inscribed into the girdle of the diamond.

   • A world recognizable grading report for your diamond's weight, color, clarity and most importantly Cutting.

   • A unique Diamond FirePhoto only available from Eightstar™ upon request.


The EightStar™ Diamond Company is not just committed to perfection, but to provable perfection.

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